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Therapy for the whole you, even the complicated parts. 

Ever find yourself thinking that something is missing, something is wrong, or something is not okay with me?
Are you caught in a cycle of shame and fear?
Do you feel like you are too sensitive and often overwhelmed by the world?




There is no change without new perceptions. When we find ourselves suffering, we crave new ways of thinking, feeling, and experiencing life.

That’s why Perception Psychotherapy is rooted in mindfulness-based practices including:

  • somatic (body-based) movement
  • expressive arts
  • brainspotting
  • trauma informed meditation 
  • mindfulness based cognitive behavioral inquiry
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Holistic mental health support for adults & teens experiencing: 



You feel stuck on a ferris wheel of repetitive thoughts and want off the ride already. You struggle with decision making from a place of clarity, calm and confidence. Your body feels exhausted even when you’re just sitting… You can’t stop playing out worst case scenarios. You know you’re being perfectionistic, but when you try not to be, you feel out of control.  You just want to speak up and be heard, but you don’t really know how to.

Life Transitions

You’re new and you feel off balance. You’re switching schools, starting a new job, new career, new identity, new phase of life. You used to feel like you could sing along to the lyrics of life’s song, and now you’re off key, out of tune, or you just don’t know the words at all.

Relationship Stress

As much as you try, you just can’t seem to be on the same page with your partner, friends, or family. You’re struggling to express your own thoughts and feelings. You can’t seem to make sense of what is happening, why this feels so difficult, or how to move forward.

Grief & Loss

There was no way to prepare for the impact of your loss. You try to find the words and nothing comes out. Others are concerned about you and you can’t even fake it enough to reassure them. You feel heartbroken, needy, and lost.

Trauma & PTSD

Something happened. Maybe it was one event. Maybe it was multiple small events, whatever the case, you feel that you’re not the same anymore. You wonder how life could have been. You want to understand and make meaning of what happened. You want life outside of lingering anxiety, anger, and hopelessness.


You feel like you’re walking through the world with cement boots on. There is a faint memory of life’s TV screen having color to it, but the only channels you get are black and white. You’re often bored or imagining another reality where you are not lonely. You miss feeling motivated and having goals in life.

Low Self-Esteem

You really don’t believe you can do it, even though you have before. You relentlessly question your own self worth. You think someone else would be better. You think “if only I did ___” then I could give myself a break. When you see someone who’s confident, you wonder if they came from a different planet.

Divorce & Separation

When the picture was torn in half it was like all of your emotions broke in half too. You too feel torn and filled with mixed emotions. Everything feels complicated and messy.

“Often it isn’t the initiating trauma  that creates seemingly insurmountable pain, but the lack of support after.'”- S Kelly Harrell

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Holistic Psychotherapy for Adults & Teens.

Shanna Sea Dew, LMFT #113757 

500- Hour Yoga Teacher 

 In-person & online throughout the state of CA