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Client Testimonials: 

“Shanna would be great for anyone who’s felt dismissed by the medical system in the past. Shanna is amazing at finding and encouraging your strengths while still stepping up and advocating within the system when needed. Shanna was up to date on new viewpoints and research. Shanna helped me move from someone wallowing in self-loathing to having reflexive self-compassion. This has given me the ability to rest and heal and face the world with so much more resilience. I can actually challenge myself to achieve my goals without hurting myself. Shanna challenged my distorted thinking and helped me regain the trust in myself that I needed. She built a connection with me such that I felt safe sharing even when I was in a panicked state. She was adaptable when life events came up and never shamed me for my struggles. I’d recommend Shanna to people with chronic illness, neurodivergence, anxiety, self-esteem problems, people overcoming abuse, really anyone seeking someone to help them tackle their problems with new tools and perspectives.” –  E.J. – adult client


“As the granddaughter of genocide survivors, offspring of orphaned immigrants and survivor of abuse, I have been in and out of therapy for over 20 years. Working with Shanna through the living history and its ripples — before and during COVID-19 — was a revelatory journey towards integration in support of personal, ancestral and collective healing. Weaving cultural humility, lovingkindness, trauma-informed sensitivity, and generosity of spirit, Shanna went above and beyond to help me move through layers of hurt and hope, old and new, and showed me possibilities of transformation within decolonizing spaces of care. I believe anyone seeking to heal complex traumas and promote liberation would benefit from working with Shanna.” – E.Y., adult client


“Working with Shanna has been a very pivotal and informative part of my life. I have learned and grown profoundly during my time with her. I could not have asked for a better person to work with.” – L.D. young adult client

“Shanna was a very supportive therapist who listened deeply, asked thought-provoking questions, and provided a calming space that fostered self-reflection and care. My work with Shanna has allowed me to grow more confident in my skills and knowledge, I treat myself with much more care than I used to, and I am better at listening to and communicating my needs. I recommend anyone who enjoys art therapy, physical de-stressing techniques, and is open to making space for their inner wisdom to surface to seek care from Shanna.” – LB – adult client

“Shanna is hands down the best therapist I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She is genuine, honest, supportive, understanding and the list goes on. I always felt so comfortable showing up as my true self during our sessions because of the safe environment that she provides. As a woman of color, Shannas background in Women’s and Gender studies was extremely helpful in being able to understand every angle at play  in the issues that I was dealing with. I always appreciated her approach on both passive and active tools that I could take with me and use on a daily basis. She helped me map out and understand the roots of what I was dealing with so that I could make peace with those parts and grow from them. I will be forever grateful for the experiences and realizations that I had while working with her”. – L.N., adult client


“Highly skilled, deeply empathic, dynamic and gifted therapist with amazing capacity to connect with teens. Safe, nurturing and playful environment. Invaluable combination of somatic work, talking and ritual. Ability to be flexible in approach which is imperative with teens.” – C.K.- teen client parent


“There’s no one in my life that fills the support role that Shanna Dew does. She’s worked from her heart to create a truly, consistently safe and resourced place for me to slowly learn about my traumatic experiences alongside the unique power and truths within me so that I can fight back against the mental wounds holding me down. And when I say resourced I mean she must be one of the most skilled out there; My sessions feel both moving and dynamic, and restful and easing at the same time because of the seemingly countless psychotheraputic tools she has under her belt that we’ve used over the years-  from brainspotting to movement to mindful meditation, she teaches  a lot of techniques to help you. Her connection to somatics and her commitment to frequent training and checking in with colleagues are some of my favorite things about her practice and I think those in conjunction with her mind-body approach has helped in all aspects of my life. From lgbtq identity stuff, my becoming a parent stuff, my own intergenerational childhood trauma stuff, anxiety, cptsd and depression, she does therapy from a heart place so that any issue can be supported. I cannot express how tender and careful her psychotherapy approach is .After three years with Shanna’s support, my mind has a really hard time bullying itself, my heart leads me, and in even the darkest times I feel like I can navigate in the direction of my truth. It’s because there is wisdom in her counseling that feels gained by community and spirituality and not just academia alone.  She is an intuitive yet playful listener, and for me, has been able to pick up on the nuances over the years so well that we can explore the unconscious deeply and analytically. I can really “trust the process with her”, and do not have to plan or think ahead before session; She knows and remembers whatever is needed and I feel safe to be vulnerable because I know that anything painful will be creatively and gently processed with me, with honestly and awareness. She can really drop herself in your world like she was a fly on the wall with all your stories in your head all along. With Shanna, therapy is fun, even when it’s topics that are scary or hard, because it’s working. I feel mentally strong and healthy and I have been able to have the transformation I wanted to make for myself with her help. I wish everyone could have a brain coach like Shanna Dew.” -V.B. 32 QPOC