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Elliott and Shanna

What if you didn’t feel so alone 
 in supporting your teen’s mental and emotional health?

Many parents of high schoolers find that their teen struggles with relationships school,  and self-esteem
You have tried what used to work when they were younger to help them and could use a more support.
Just like you, I want to see your child reach their full potential, to feel connected, and to see their own unique gifts.

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Adolescence can be a really tough period of life. 

If you think about it 2-3 years in the life of a teen is much bigger than in the life of an adult. 
The stressors during this time of life can feel debilitating. 

Teens often struggle with feeling depressed, confused, and disconnected. There is often increased expectations and anxiety around peer relationships. 

The stress of maturation can instigate family conflict. Teens may act out or withdraw as a stress response, not knowing how to understand of express what’s happening for them.

How I help tweens and teens in psychotherapy: 

Build emotional intelligence skills.

Support self esteem.

Highlight and explore strengths. 

Increase social skills. 

Learn assertiveness and boundary setting.

Navigate healthy romantic relationships. 

Develop stress management skills. 


Curious to know more?
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